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Easy Quotes

Getting a quote for your junk
disposal job is easy as 1-2-3.

1. For single items such as a
sofa, appliance, or piano etc.,

simply call 205-965-5854 and
tell us what items need to go.
We'll then give you a firm
price for your junk pickup.

2.  If you have several items
for disposal, text photos of

your junk to: 205-965-5854.
It helps if one photo will show
the entire pile or "junk group"
and other photos will show
individual sections of the junk.

After looking at your photos
we'll give you a firm price for
your junk disposal.

3. If your job is large, or if
your junk load is irregular in
shape and hard to measure,
you can let us give you a

"free on-site estimate".
Simply text us your name
and address and we'll
schedule one for you.


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