Convenient Pickup Options

Call-A-Haul has Pickup Options that fit the

individual needs of all of our customers.

We understand that some customers don't

want to move any of their junk at all, but

that others wouldn't mind placing their

junk outside if it meant that they could

save on hauling rates, and schedule their

time better because they wouldn't have to

meet us at the jobsite for payment. With

Call-A-Haul, our customers can select the

pickup option that works best for them,

and for their particular time schedule.

             Standard Service 

You don't have to move any junk at all.

We remove your junk from inside a house,

apartment, garage, basement, storage unit,

commercial building, or any area that does

not have truck access. You then schedule

your job for a convenient two hour time

window and then meet us at your jobsite.

You will be charged Standard Service Rates,

and there are no other charges regardless

of how load the loading & removal takes.



               Curbside Service 

 You move your junk to the street curb,

or place your junk outside  the door of

your garage or basement. You can also

place your junk on the side of the driveway.

You don't have to meet us at the jobsite.

You will be charged Curbside Rates that are

cheaper than Standard Rates, and no other

charges. We will call you after your job has

been completed, and after we have sent

"before and after" photos of your junk-site.

You can then pay for your job by debit or

credit card over the phone.