Fast Loading & Removal Of:

Large Trash items, Household Junk

Furniture & Appliances

Rubbish,  Debris,  Tree Waste


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Hauling It All:

Junk Removal Birmingham AL

Service To Any Location

Bulky & Heavy Items No Problem

"On-Call" Mon-Sat  7AM-5PM

Removing Any Type

Of Bulky Trash Clutter

-in minutes

 Heavy Items No Problem


Of Waste Clutter

That's In Your Way

Service For Your Home-Yard-Business

Need a bulky trash cleanup at your home or business? 

Tripping over things in the garage? Need a refrigerator

hauled away? Got some bulky or heavy trash, tree waste

or debris in the way? Need trash clutter remove from

your business? We can help.

Call-A-Haul is standing by to assist  you Mon-Sat 7AM-Dusk

for all your trash removal needs. No waiting- No dumpsters.

Just fast professional service for every job. Call us anytime

to schedule a haul or on-site estimate, or you can text us

24/7 with photos for a fast quote.


Shed Removals

Garage Cleanouts

Tree Waste Removals

Appliance Removals

Rubbish Pile Cleanups

Remodeling Debris Cleanups

Specializing In:



Serving Birmingham & Surrounding Cities.

Junk Removal Birmingham Al

Removing Any Type

Of Waste Clutter

That's In Your Way

emoving Any Type

Of Waste Clutter

That's In Your Way

From any location on your property.

Serving Birmingham And Surrounding Cities Since 1998

Junk Removal Birmingham AL

Serving Birmingham Since 1998

Providing service when you want it-


24 Cubic Yard Hauling Trucks

Full Loading Power

Affordable Load-Size Rates

Call-A-Haul is in operation Mon-Sat from 8AM until dusk.  We'll schedule your job when it is convenient for you.

 Just give us the time window that you would prefer and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Loading power when you need it-

Call-A-Haul can load lightweight items by hand, but also has the ability to load large, heavy, and bulky trash items

by grapple crane. So whether your trash is easy to load or is heavy and difficult to be loaded manually, your job

will be completed in minutes and with the upmost professional care.


And removing all the bulky trash clutter that's in your way. 

Residential Bulky Trash

Commercial Bulky Trash

   Full-Service Junk Removal

Large Trash Items

Garage Junk

Old Furniture


Old Appliances

Rubbish Heaps


Remodeling Debris

Dilapidated Sheds

Dilapidated Garages

Dog Houses

Riding Lawnmowers

Broken Motorcycles

Junk Cars & Trucks

Tree Waste

Brush, Yard Waste


Above Ground Pools

Basketball Goals


Pianos, Organs

Boats, Camper Shells

Railroad Ties

Moving Boxes

Fence Panels

Piles Of Roofing


 Scrap Metals

 File Cabinets

 Office Furniture

Cubicle Partitions


 Junk Cars & Trucks

 Old Machinery

 Remodeling Debris

 New Construction Debris

 Commercial Doors

 High-rise Storage Trash

 Dumpster Perimeter Trash

 Overloaded Roll-Off Waste

 Paper, Cardboard Trash

 Storage Unit Trash


 Apt. Cleanout Debris

 Foreclosure  Debris

 Shelving, Storage Racks

 Pallets, Lumber, Crossties

 Commercial Signs

 Cable Spools, Plastic Drums

 Business Machines, Copiers

 Computers, Monitors

 Bank Machines, Safes

 Medical Equipment

 Commercial Washers/Dryers



If your trash is already outside,

you don't have to be at the job

and can pay for your job by

credit card over the phone.

   Full-Service Junk Removal

   Call today for a free on-site estimate,

   or you can text us photos of your trash 

for a fast quote (205)-965-5854.

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