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Call-A-Haul has Bigger Trucks, Better Rates, and Faster Loading

 Our hauling beds are bigger.

Check out our hauling bed length: 20 Ft. Long



 We can haul up to 24 cubic yards and charge less per load.

Check out our load sizes:

  1/4 load     5ft.L   6 cubic yds.                
  1/2 load   10ft.L  12cubic yds.                       
  3/4 load   15ft.L  18 cubic yds.                  

 Full load   20ft.L   24 cubic yds.                                 

 Small junk trucks use smaller 10 ft. or 12 Ft. long beds.
They would have to haul 1 1/2 loads to haul 24 cu. yds.

 Small junk trucks charge around $800 for 1 1/2 loads.
We charge $599 for a full 24 yd. load saving money & time.

 30 yd. dumpster prices are around $600 and are great
if you want to take your time and do the loading, but
if you don't want to wait or load, Call-A-Haul is ready. 

 Our rates are better.

 Our loading time is faster.

 We load light and medium weight junk items by hand,
and load bulky and heavy junk with our grapple loader.

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