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The Call-A-Haul Advantage

         Manual Mechanical Loading


20 ft. long- 8ft. wide- 5 ft. high

Call-A-Haul can load our hauling trucks manually or with our truck equipped grapple loader.


We move and load light to medium weight

junk items by hand. It's the most efficient

way to load most junk. However, when the

bulky & heavy items come along, we rely

on our on-board grapple loader to quickly

and safely load these junk items. By using

both manual & mechanical loading, we can

complete your job faster and with less

labor. This is the main reason that we can

keep our load-size rates cheaper than our

competitors, and offer our customers the

fastest and best possible service.

           Bigger Hauling Bins

 Call-A-Haul hauling bins are 24 cubic yds. by volume. Larger than our competitors. 





Call-A-Haul utilizes the largest hauling bins in the industry- 20 ft. long, 8 ft. wide, 5 ft. high.

More load capacity also saves time and money .

We can usually handle most jobs in one load.

            Cheaper Rates

Call-A-Haul hauls more junk for less money.

Please go to our "Pricing" page where you can see a complete list of our hauling rates.

Whether you compare our rates by load-size or by the cubic yard, our rates are lower.

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