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Hauling More Junk For Less

Call-A-Haul hauls more junk for less . Our hauling beds are larger - our rates are more affordable.

Check out our hauling bed size: 24 cubic yds.



20 ft. long-   8 ft. wide-   5 ft. high

  1/4 load           6 cubic yds.             
  3/8 load           9 cubic yds.             
  1/2 load         12 cubic yds.              
  5/8 load         15 cubic yds.           
  3/4 load         18 cubic yds.             
  7/8 load         21 cubic yds.              

 Full load         24 cubic yds.                                 

Check out our load sizes:

To determine your junk load size, we will estimate it for you at your job site. We will evaluate all the junk that needs to be hauled

away, and then give you a "total price" for removing your junk before any work is started. If you agree to our estimate, we will
begin loading and work to complete your job.

To get a "rough estimate" of your load size before we arrive at the job site, you can :

1. Simply tell us about the individual junk items that are to be hauled.

2. You can measure your "junk pile size" in feet if there is a trash pile.

3. You can estimate how many "pickup truck" loads you think it would take to haul away your junk.

4. You can send us photos of your junk by smartphone.

Of course these techniques won't be be perfectly accurate, but they might at least "ball park" the size of your load before we

give your on-site "total price" estimate.


 Why chose Call-A-Haul?

 We can haul it all-

Heavy & bulky junk no problem.

We can haul it fast-

We complete most jobs in 1 hr.

 We can haul more junk per load- 

We use 24 cubic yd. trucks.

 We charge less per cubic yd.-

Our load size rates are lower.

Call for your free estimate today.


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