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Q.  What exactly is Call-A-Haul and how is your service different from other trash & junk removal services?
A.  Call-A-Haul is a "On-Demand" junk removal company that provides both full service junk removal & curbside service.
      We remove garage & basement junk, rubbish, furniture, appliances, commercial trash, yard waste, and remodeling
      debris, but also remove junk that is difficult to remove manually such as trash heaps, brush piles, business machines,
      and other heavy items. And Call-A-Haul is the fast & easy way to get junk removed. We remove junk in minutes,
     and we do all the loading & cleanup work. With Call-A-Haul service there is no dumpster hassle, and no back pain.
Q.  How long has Call-A-Haul been in business?
A.  Our service began in Orlando Florida in 1985. We have operated in the Birmingham Alabama area since 1998.
      We have completed several thousand junk removal jobs of every type and have the satisfied customers to prove it.

Q.  How do you charge for your services?
A.  If your load is under 6000 lbs. in weight, you are only charged for the size of your load. You are not charged for
      time or labor regardless of how long your job takes. If your load is over 6000 lbs., you are charged an extra $30/ton
      for any weight overage. A complete list of load-size rates are listed on the "load-size rates" page of this website.

Q.  I've been on your "load-size rates" page but need more help understanding how you charge. What are cubic yards?
A.  A cubic yard is a unit of volume 3 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet high. Hauling and dumpster companies use the
     cubic yard as a way of measuring the size of a load. Our truck bed is 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 5 feet high, and 
     has a 24 cubic yard capacity. Most other junk removal services have a 15 yd. or 18 yd. bed capacity. Dumpsters come
     in sizes ranging between 5 and 50 yds. We list our rates by load size so you can compare our rates with others.

Q.  Isn't there a way you can estimate what my junk removal job would cost before you do my job?
A.  Of course. We will give you an "on-site" estimate when we arrive at your job, and we can also give you a "phone quote"
      if you text us a photo of your junk. 

Q.  Do you also drop off dumpsters?
A.  No. Call-A-Haul is an "active" junk removal service. We remove junk from your property immediately after we arrive,
      often on the same day of your call. Dumpsters are primarily designed for  weekly commercial service or for residential
      customers who want to load a dumpster themselves, and over a longer period of time. We don't provide that service.

Q.  Can you haul away anything?
A.  Just about. We can't haul hazardous materials, large amounts of dirt or concrete, and no oil, propane tanks, or gasoline.

Q. What about paint?
A.  Yes, we can haul away paint, bug spray, fertilizer, tires, and just about anything from a garage or basement.

Q.  Do we have to put our junk in a pile for you or do you move trash to your trucks?
A.  We can move any light to medium weight junk by hand from any location on your property to our junk removal trucks.
      Remodeling debris, brush piles, rubbish heaps, and heavy commercial trash items must be removed by our grapple
      loader in a truck accessible location.

Q.  What cities do you service in the Birmingham area?
A.  Generally all areas of Jefferson and North Shelby counties.

Q.  Do you recycle any of the junk items that your remove?
A.  Yes, appliances and scrap metals are disposed of in a scrap metal recycling center, clothes and all usable trash items
      are given to thrift stores and other charitable organizations.

Q.  Can you remove old sheds and dilapidated garages?
A.  Yes in most cases if we have truck access.

Q.  Are you licensed and insured?
A.  Yes we are fully licensed and insured and also carry workman's comp insurance.
Q.  If my junk is outside do I have to be at my job while you do it?
A.  No, if your junk is already outside you do not have to be at your property while we perform your job and you can pay
      for your job by credit card over the phone later. 
Q.  What hours are you in service?
A.  We are in service Monday through Saturday from 8AM until dusk.

Q.  Do you work on rainy days?
A.  Yes, we try to complete your job at the scheduled time and have the proper rain gear to continue working
      if at all possible.

Q.  Can I schedule my job by email.
A.  Yes, email us at Give us your name, address, phone number and a brief description
      of the type of trash removal job that you have. We will respond to your email and schedule your appointment.



For answers to additional questions, call or text anytime.


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