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Residential Service

Call-A-Haul can remove any type of junk clutter from your house, garage,
basement, storage room, or yard.

Getting your junk removed is an easy process.

1. Call anytime and schedule your appointment.
2. When we arrive at your home or business, show us what needs to be hauled away and then-

We do all the loading, cleanup, and disposal work.


1. We load the junk into our hauling truck.
2. We rake, sweep up, and hose down the loading area.
3. We haul the junk away for separation, redistribution, & disposal.

We will estimate the cost of your haul before we begin your job, or you can text us

a photo of your junk for a quick phone quote. If your junk is already outside, you

don't have to be at the job and can pay by credit card over the phone later.

The charge for your job is the size of your load.

Need residential service today? 

Call-A-Haul and it's gone!

Residential items hauled:

Garage Junk
Basement Junk
Storage Room Junk

Yard Waste
Tree Waste
Remodeling Debris
Old Furniture
Old Appliances
Bulky Items
Heavy Items
Dilapidated Garages
Swing Sets
Jungle Gyms & More

Call  205-965-5854

with questions, to schedule a job,

or to receive a quick phone quote.

Call-A-Haul residential service- 

fast, easy, professional.

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